Payment is based on two tests per month. When more than two tests per month are done payment is based on the last two tests.

The results of the two counting tests are averaged and the payment is adjusted as follows:-

< 50,000 average Base Price Max. Single Test 70,000 51 – 75,00 - 1.25 c/litre 76 – 100,000 – 2.25 c/litre 101 – 150,000 – 3.25 c/litre 151 – 200,000 – 4.25 c/litre 201 – 300,000 – 5.25 c/litre >301,000 – 7.25 c/litre

The bonus for milk with an average TBC less than 50,000 which applied heretofore has now been incorporated into the base milk price and the penalties adjusted accordingly. Also the Bonus paid to shareholders has been incorporated into the milk price and No longer appears on your milk statement. These changes have been made to demonstrate the value of milk solids, the share holder bonus is No longer required, it was there originally to encourage all milk suppliers become shareholders, this is now the case and any new milk supplier is required to purchase shares in proportion to their milk supply.