General Information

Raw milk collected ex farm must comply with the standards set down in EU Regulation 853 of 2004, under milk quota rules set down in SI 94 of 2000 it is an offence for a supplier to supply or offer for supply milk which has not been produced on the holding operated by that supplier, accordingly transfer of milk between suppliers is illegal. All milk offered for collection must be in vessels approved for this purpose.

Bulk loads are tested for freshness on arrival at the plant, if a load is considered unfit for use, the individual suppliers on the load are tested and the farm causing the problem identified. This milk is then disposed of and the farm which caused the problem is liable for the dumping and relevant compensation costs. Suppliers are advised to check with their insurer that they have adequate cover for such an occurrence.

Fresh milk has an acidity of less than 0.15%, where milk from a farm is detected with an acidity of greater than 0.18% this indicates that the milk is sour and not fit for processing accordingly that collection will be penalised at the average price pertaining in that month.

All suppliers are obliged to notify the society of any incidence of disease on their farm which may have an impact on the subsequent use or certification of finished products. If any issue arises on your farm please inform the society so that we are aware can take appropriate action. All suppliers must comply with the conditions set down in SI 9 of 1996, each supplier also is liable to inspection by customers of the society at any time such that the standards that exist on our supplier farms can be demonstrated to our customers.