Farm Support


Staying true to the ‘co-op’ principles, Arrabawn’s success today is in no small part down to the close relationship it has with its suppliers, both milk and grain. We understand the effort that is required on the farm to produce quality milk and our part of the bargain is to offer support in many ways.

The main support comes through a one-to-one service provided by our Milk Quality advisors and our Technical Sales personnel – teams supported by our own office staff, while external expertise is availed of where required.

On the dairy side we run an advisory programme – Milk for Profit – in conjunction with Teagasc, organizing season-topical events on different farms, typically with guest speakers in attendance.

Our technical sales team also has the support of in-house nutritionists to support their advice to farmers.

We have also rolled out the ASSAP programme – a new free advisory service with 20 advisors from Teagasc and 10 from the dairy industry working in 190 catchments or priority areas for action (PAAs) across the country. It assesses farms for any potential issues that could affect water quality in local streams.

Ultimately, our supports are underlined by the focus on miximising return for our suppliers. We are constantly looking for new ways to do this and we are always available to answer any queries or to act on suggestions which will benefit our members.