About us


Arrabawn is an agri-based organisation with a century plus history of operations at the heart of Ireland’s globally recognised, premium dairy industry.

Headquartered in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Arrabawn continues to be a member-owned and growth driven co-op with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Arrabawn now employs over 400 people, collects milk from over 1,000 shareholder farmers, generating a turnover of over €270 million per year.

Thanks to an ongoing programme of record investment across the business in cutting edge processing facilities and supports, we operate to the highest international standards across all our divisions.

Arrabawn comprises dairy, food ingredients and agri business units that produce a range of B2B and dairy consumer products. These include, on the dairy side, milk, butter and cream; from our food ingredients operations casein, skim milk powder, butter and whey; while we also offer a range of quality animal feeds products through our agri-business operations Dan O’Connor Feeds (www.danoconnorfeeds.ie) and Greenvale Animal Feeds (www.greenvale.ie)

Arrabawn, with our partner brand Homevalue, also operates retail stores at 13 locations, including our newest and flagship store at Tyone, Nenagh.  See http://www.arrabawnhomevalue.ie/ for further detail on our retail stores.

Led by an experienced team, each division is focused on ensuring commitment to the highest standards of quality, efficiency, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.