The Society sends the results of all tests carried out on your milk by text message to your mobile as quickly as possible.

This is a very useful service and can be a valuable tool in managing a dairy herd. If you are not presently receiving results by text please contact the Laboratory in Nenagh with your mobile number so that we can include you in this scheme. It is possible to have results go to two phones so if this is of interest to you please supply us with the second number.

During this year we plan to phase out the use of text message and send the results to an App on your phone where you will be able to see all tests on one screen, compare tests with the same period in the previous year.

One can also see milk volumes and again compare them with previous year and one will be able to see the milk price for the month and the gross value of your milk cheque. To get setup for this service if you have not already done so please contact the office and we can talk you through it.