CEO Message


Arrabawn’s focus is on ensuring our members have the capacity to increase their output as desired and, in turn, our role is to process this into products for customers around the globe in a way that maximises the return for our farmers.

Significant capital investment programmes in both our Nenagh and Kilconnell sites over recent years is enabling this to happen. These investments have been completed to best international standards, enabling us match the most exacting international customers. Critically also, it’s being done through deploying the very best technology to protect the environment.

Ongoing investment at our Nenagh plant will reduce our carbon emissions by 40%, ensuring we have a site with lower emissions than we had prior to the abolition of the milk quota, despite a significant increase in volumes in the intervening period.

At our Kilconnell site we have become the first dairy company to introduce fast-acting, low-temperature anaerobic digestion in the effluent process, ensuring the quality of water meets the most exacting standards and minimises sludge creation.

Our involvement with Origin Green – Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme – is key to ensuring that, both at a farm level and factory level, we are working towards a more sustainable future and ensuring long term viability for all. Our suppliers are members of Bord Bia’s sustainable dairy assurance scheme (SDAS) and we continuously support and engage with them to ensure best practise.

Our ambition is to ensure all of our employees are engaged and committed to working to the best of their capabilities to ensure the continued growth and success of our co-operative. Continuous training of employees takes place and, to ensure succession and continuous improvement, we have an ongoing intake of graduates who get a clear career path and plenty of growth opportunity. The health and safety of our employees is a key responsibility and a robust system is in place to ensure we are providing a safe place to work for all our employees.

Arrabawn has a proud history as a farmer-owned co-operative that spans over 100 years. Our place at the centre of the local community and economy is something we work hard at and are proud of. We support local organisations but, above all, we ensure we provide an excellent service to our members and to all the farmers and residents within our region.

The dairying industry is perhaps going through one of its most exciting ever eras and we will continue to work together to ensure it is an era that brings success to all of our members.