Arrabawn | Whey
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Arrabawn produces three key whey products – Acid Whey, WPC 35 Hi-Gel and Whey Permeate. These are casein by-products and are used in a variety of applications.  

Neutralised Acid Whey


Acid Whey is approximately 9% whey protein and includes lactose and a variety of beneficial amino acids that have the capacity to refine, improve and cut costs in many applications.


Unlike the sweet whey that is produced from cheese, Acid Whey is flavour neutral and, therefore, does not require flavour enhancers to mask taste but still delivers the crucial whey or whey solids component.


Our Acid Whey is used in products such as chocolate, ice cream and bakery, including biscuits, and in nutritional supplements.


WPC 35 Hi-Gel.


Because our milk comes from grass fed cows, the mineral composition of our milk allows for a Hi Gel characteristic in our concentrated whey. The characteristics of this highly sought-after product include all the nutritional benefits of skim milk powder, with the added benefit of texture and no GMP. This product is used in, but is not limited to, sauces, yogurt manufacture, a wide range of desserts, dips, cheese and dairy spreads.




This product offers all the benefits of lactose but at a more competitive price. It contains one whey protein (2% approximately) and, as with our Acid Whey, this permeate is neutral in flavour, making it a perfect ingredient in chocolate and ice-cream as well as for bakery and standardisation procedures.