Arrabawn | The Challenge of Spring Mastitis
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The Challenge of Spring Mastitis

Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland.

It is usually caused by bacteria which have entered the teat canal and moved to the udder.

Calving is a high-risk time for mastitis for many reasons. Generally, we are dealing with environmental or contagious mastitis.

It pays to know what you are dealing with and that’s why we strongly recommend taking a milk sample before you treat the cow. We, or your vet, can run a milk culture to give you a better idea of how to manage the mastitis on your farm.

There is a specific procedure to follow to collect good quality milk samples so milk won’t become contaminated with bacteria during or after collection.

Bottles must be sterile and teat ends must be scrubbed with 70% alcohol or methylated spirits. Samples should be kept cool and sent to the lab within 24h or they can be stored by freezing for up to four months.