Arrabawn | TCM (Trichloromethane)
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TCM (Trichloromethane)

TCM content in dairy products, especially butter, is also a very important quality parameter. Achieving the correct levels of TCM is essential from a market place perspective. Given the increased focus on this issue among our key international customers, Arrabawn will continue the TCM testing programme and education awareness at farm level with a view to potentially including it formally in the Milk Processing T&Cs.

The allowable limit for TCM in milk is 0.00155 mg/kg and this is influenced by cleaning and disinfection routines which use detergents containing chorine.

To maintain low chlorate and TCM levels, farmers needs to:

  1. Ensure that correct cleaning procedures are in place.
  2. Use 14 litres of water per milking unit to rinse the plant after the main wash cycle.
  3. Use approved detergent products at the recommended rates and avoid using products with excessive chlorine content.
  4. Buy in smaller quantity and use products as close as possible to the manufacturing date,
  5. Avoid stock piling products.
  6. Store products in a cool dark place away from sunlight.