Arrabawn | Skim Milk Powder
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Our grass-fed cows graze what are among the world’s very best dairy pastures.   

Again, because our grass-fed cows graze some of the world’s very best dairy pastures, our skim milk powder (SMP) is a premium product and produced from the highest quality milk of the peak summer months.  Our Skim Milk Powder is processed on the day of arrival at our BRC accredited facility in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary to ensure low spore counts. We produce SMP from both medium and high-heat forms, depending on customer needs. We also vary packaging size and protein levels, again in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


Our SMP is used in a variety of applications including:


–  Fermented Dairy
–  Processed Cheese
–  Ice Cream
–  Confectionary
–  Fresh Dairy
–  Yogurts
–  Bakery
–  UHT Drinks
–  Infant Nutrition