Arrabawn | Sire Advice
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Sire Advice

What is Sire Advice?

Sire Advice is a breeding support application available to all Dairy HerdPlus users. This application allows the user to maximise their herd EBI and improve and reduce variation between milk and fertility. This in turn will result in breeding a more balanced dairy female.

Why use Sire Advice?

Sire Advice is a great tool for maximizing genetic gain in the herd by enabling the user to make more informed breeding decisions. Inbreeding is automatically avoided when using Sire Advice. Once the user is happy with their suggested matings, these sire selections are transferred to AI technician handhelds and printed on Breeding.

Charts for DIY AI farmers.

Please note: It is recommended to use a team of bulls relevant to the herd size (including heifers). This increases the reliability of the team of bulls and reduces risk.

5 Steps to Sire Advice

  1. Choose your females (mark cows for culling, contract, beef mating or crossbreeding to exclude from the main run)
  2. Select a team of bulls based on your own breeding objectives
  3. Decide on straw usage
  4. Review suggested pairings
  5. Save to AI Handheld/Breeding Chart