Arrabawn | Silage Mineral Results and Fertility
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Silage Mineral Results and Fertility

As the breeding season gets under way, it might be a good idea to look at areas which affect fertility and conception. A random survey of silage mineral status revealed some alarming results :

Selenium – 89% low to very low (calving/ fertility)

Iodine – 100% low (calf vitality/heat detection)

Copper – 81% low to very low (fertility)

Phosphorus – 92% low to very low (growth)

Cation Anion – 92% high to v. High (calving problems)

Some of these results might ring a bell with you – maybe your cows were slow to calve, retained afterbirth, got milk fever or were late calving. There are steps you can take to improve the situation.

Selenium – apply selenium fertiliser, Selenistart or SeleniGrass to increase the level of selenium in the cows diet through the grazed grass or silage. On some farms this has had a dramatic affect on conception.

Iodine – essential for strong heat detection and good calf vitality at birth. Feed a good fertility mineral (TracePak MultiPhos)/ ration(BreederMax) in the run up to breeding.

Copper – long associated with fertility and thrive in cattle, especially in parts of the Arrabawn area affected by high molybdenum. It is necessary to feed chelated copper as part of a good fertility mineral (TracePak MultiPhos)/ ration (BreederMax).

Phosphorus – low levels due to restriction associated with the Nitrates directive – Phosphorus is associated with bone and growth. Soil analysis is showing worryingly low levels due to poor soil sampling and restricted fertiliser applications. Feed a good fertility mineral (TracePak MultiPhos)/ ration (Breeder Max) in the run up to breeding.

Cation/Anion balance – problems associated with late or excessive application of slurry, too close to silage cutting – leading to calving problems and Milk Fever. Cows suffering from afterbirth retention are very difficult to get back incalf. Feed Easycalver or Transition Cow mineral in the run up to calving.

For more information on any of the above topics contact your local branch of Arrabawn