Arrabawn | Quality, Productive, Flexible – THE UNBEATABLE RESEED COMBINATION
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New reseeds will produce up to 20% better performance from your livestock in years after establishing the new pasture. New pastures will deliver:

  • Higher yields
  • Higher intake
  • Denser sward
  • Opportunity to get rid of weeds
  • Earlier spring growth and later autumn growth

This year Arrabawn Co-op has selected its Grazing Silage Grass seed mix to include Abergain(T), Drumbo and Aberchoice. All late heading, high performance, easy managed grasses and fortified with a blend of clover.

  • All Top varieties, top tetraploid, top two diploids, suitable for grazing or silage
  • Excellent PPI(Pasture profit index –similar to EBI in dairy cows) – top varieties, top return !
  • Early spring Growth, maximum overall yield
  • Abergain for excellent spring growth
  • 40 % Tetraploid, Abergain, above average for autumn growth!
  • High performance, easy to manage late heading varieties
  • Compact heading date – reduced topping!
  • Good ground cover – long life, weed free
  • Over 14.5 ton DM /Ha vs c. 7- 8 ton/ Ha for old pasture

For more information on alternative mixtures and correct reseeding procedure please contact Arrabawn Co-Op Branches