Arrabawn | Getting cows back in calf – the next trick!
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Getting cows back in calf – the next trick!

With most of the cows calved at this stage, the next big trick is to get cows back in calf again so that they will calve within 365 days and hopefully bring a few of the late calvers forward by a few weeks.

Fertility performance is hugely influenced by the cow’s body condition – if she is too thin or losing condition, it may be difficult to detect her in heat and to get her to conceive. At this time of year, with poor growth and varying availability of grass, cows can be short of feed. It is easy enough to overestimate the amount of grass available and as a result make the decision to cut concentrate feeding. Couple this with harsh weather and difficult grazing conditions, cows can easily become short of enough energy to be certain of going in calf.

A cow producing 28 litres milk and eating 12 kg grass dry matter will require 7-8 kg concentrate in order to maintain body condition going into the breeding season. While this might look expensive, a missed heat and a cow not going in calf will cost € 250 in milk value next year – not to mention the fact that she will drift later and later. So, if you’re planning on starting your breeding season in early May, ensure that your cows are eating enough energy in the weeks before.

BreederMax Dairy Feed from Dan O’Connor Feeds–specially formulated for the high producing cow, containing fertility minerals, protected fat and protein and de-odorase to control surplus nitrogen/urea in the cow. This high energy concentrate is perfect for your cows in the run up to and during the breeding season.

BreederMax is a combination of the very best ingredients and the most up to date nutritional science to get the best performance from your cow.