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Trace Pack EasyWeaner has been formulated for Respiratory support for Weanlings and Calves at a time of stress. Trace Pack EasyWeaner contains a unique Herbal blend which supports the Immune system in the Lung. Trace Pack EasyWeaner stimulates Immunity, Improves appetite and reduces stress. The benefits of Trace Pack EasyWeaner are improved Animal Health, easier breathing and improved animal performance.

• Weaning and or housing is a particularly stressful time for calves – research indicates that you can get a significant reduction in the antioxidant capacity of the weanling, causing stress which make the young animal more susceptible to respiratory illness.

• EasyWeaner is designed to support the calf and weanling’s immune system during the housing / weaning period, especially under crowded, stuffy conditions, by stimulating appetite and easing the stress associated with weaning and overcrowding.

• Trace Pack EasyWeaner contains a unique herbal blend to specifically support the immune system in the lung. EasyWeaner’s herbal blend supports the animals ability to fight respiratory infection by helping the efficient function of naturally occurring immunoglobulin in the lung. This helps maintain the integrity of the epithelial tissue, the integrity of lung tissue lining is an essential component of the animals defence against infectious pathogens and their toxins.

• Just add Trace Pack EasyWeaner to the feed / milk for 7 – 10 days before and after weaning or housing. Feed at 30 grms/day – it’s an ideal tonic for weanlings.

For further information contact your local branch of Arrabawn Co-op or ring 087 6697010