Arrabawn | Caseinate
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Arrabawn Caseinate is derived from further processing of our acid casein.   

It is a natural and slow digestible protein source with a wide variety of applications. The milk protein is dispersible and fully water soluble and shows excellent functional properties. Our Customers rate our amino acid profile and emulsification abilities of our grass fed caseinates as key attributes of the product.


Arrabawn Caseinates are also valued for their source of protein, high aeration capacity, their high fat and water binding capacity, while also maintaining freeze/ thaw stability. Variety’s available include Sodium Caseinate, Calcium Caseinate and more.


Our Caseinates are used in the following:


  • Yogurts, for functions including Low Viscosity and Water-binding
  • Coffee Whitener/ Cream Liqueurs: Emulsification, Dispersibility, Colour, Flavour
  • Low fat Spreads, salad dressing: Emulsification Low Viscosity, Water-binding
  • Processed Meats: Emulsification, water binding, adhesion, firmness
  • Bakery: Water-binding, uniform fat dispersion, Improves: nutrient value of flours (Lysine), workability of dough (texture)
  • Processed/cream cheeses: Water-binding, emulsification
  • Nutritional bars: Nutritional value, water/fat binding
  • Nutritional value, dispersibility, smooth mouthfeel, bland flavour, suspension stability, low viscosity
  • High protein cereals: Texture, neutral flavour