Arrabawn | Butter
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Arrabawn has, since 1913, been producing premium butter from milk that is supplied from grass-fed cows reared on some of the richest dairying pastures in the world.   

Our production methods may have advanced considerably over the years but the one constant has been quality.


From our first butters of over a century ago to the ‘Best in Class’ win at the world championships in 2004 and through to the present day, quality has been insisted on across our operations, from farmer to world-class processing plant.


We produce thousands of tons of butter annually that is exported across the world in a number of varieties, from salted sweet cream and unsalted sweet cream to lactic butter.


We are masters of the craft, ensuring a perfect blend of spreadability and taste, to create a butter that tastes as rich as it looks. Its gleaming golden colour is as a result of the lush pastures grazed by our farmers’ cows. This ensures high levels of conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs), vitamin A, Beta Carotene and Omega 3. Our butter is Halal.


Our butter is a perfect table top product as:


–  Dairy spread
–  Mixed fat blend
–  Flavoured butters (sweet/savoury)
–  White sauces
–  Bakery
–  Chocolate
–  Confectionary
–  Ready meals
–  Processed cheese
–  Ice-cream