Arrabawn | Acid Casein
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Arrabawn’s attrition-dried Acid Casein is a highly purified protein derived from the milk of cows reared on our grass-fed farms, which are located in one of the world’s finest dairying regions. 

Our world-class product acts as a functional ingredient and also for protein enrichment in food applications. It is used in Infant Nutrition, Sports nutrition, Protein Bars, Confectionary, Coffee Creamers and Whiteners, Cream liquors, Processed and analogue imitation cheeses, among other products.


Our pasteurised milk is treated to extract the casein protein at our state-of-the-art casein facility in Nenagh. The casein protein is dried to a very fine powder, with small particle size of mesh 90.


Our customers value the clean, neutral flavour of our acid casein from this process as well as the premium nutritional value of the product in terms of high protein, with no fat, cholesterol or sugar.


Product is available in 25kg and 1 metric Ton Bags